2017 Cabrinha Drifter 4.5 kite, Excellent condition

Author: luke

Posted: Wed May 16, 18 5:41 am (GMT -8)

For Sale:

2017 Cabrinha Drifter 4.5 meter kite in excellent condition. Used less than 10 times. No leaks, tears, or repairs. Great for high wind kite surfing, medium wiind foil boarding, or smaller users. The kite is very user friendly with great low end for a small kite and obviously great high end. Super fun to ride. $625

From the manufacturer: The 2017 Cabrinha Drifter is designed with kitesurfing in waves, no matter the wind direction or riding style. The 3-strut hybrid design allows the kite to drift consistently and loop with the perfect amount of power, setting you up for the perfect section of the wave. The 2017 Drifter has settings available for onshore or offshore conditions as well as the capability to relaunch in an instant.

2017 Cabrinha kites feature 1X Security System, 2DR Double Ripstop, the newly redesigned Sprint Airlock system, and Pure Profile Panels. New for 2017, the bridal lines have been upgraded to include a stronger and less stretch-prone material that will help your kite perform better for a longer period of time. Additionally, 2017 kites include the new Sprint Airlock System that allows for faster inflation and better airflow throughout the leading edge and struts.