*** 2017 North Rebel 7M – $650 ***

Author: Wonder

Posted: Tue May 15, 18 1:31 pm (GMT -8)

*** 2017 North Rebel 7M – $650 ***

Kite only.

No leaks or issues. In "B+" (Great) Condition. Flown less than 20 times.

Taking the photos (see photos), I noticed 4 tiny pin-pricks in the canopy…I’ve put 3 silver dollar sized black sailmaker repair dots over (not a structural issue, you can barely see…as though someone stuck a needle through the canopy).

Color: Red (or is it "blood"?)

Located: Hood River

Used 2017 Bar: $250 (sold separate; sorry, I’d like to sell the bar with the kite(s)…)