CGKA – Higher River Levels

Author: cgka

Posted: Mon May 14, 18 11:26 am (GMT -8)

Hey guys/gals:

We’ve been tracking some of the water level forecasts for the Columbia, both via our local dam flow observations and from river/reservoir levels in Canada.

It does look like we are in for a couple of weeks of sustained high water levels.

What this means:

– Faster River Currents – Self rescues and getting separated from your board can be more challenging with the stronger currents.

– Higher water levels – Sandbars? Sandspit and Fight Club are both underwater right now and will likely fluctuate back and forth. Be cautious of leaving gear on the beach if it is there, as the levels can fluctuate throughout the day.

– Debris – Be aware and kite with care, because there are lots of twigs, branches and even logs floating around, so keep your eyes open for these things.

– Colder Temps – Suit up for the cold conditions and as if you had to self rescue. Higher/faster water means a lot longer swim/self-rescue timeline, so suit up for those worst case scenarios.

– Check your gear – Clean launches and well maintained gear are important in preventing accidents on and off the water.

– Check on your fellow kiters – If you see someone swimming or struggling, always check on them, let them know you are there, and track them until they are safely ashore or back up on their board. There are no safety patrols, so we need to look after ourselves out there.

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