How to JUMP while Kitesurfing

Hi guys,

In this blog post going to talk about how to jump using the kite. As I’m sure many of you have seen

from YouTube videos, the heights that can be achieved through these jumps can be dizzying, and is

one of the defining features that really sets kitesurfing apart from other water sports. So much so

that Red Bull have created their own sports event dedicated to a particular type of jump; the

infamous megaloop. However, before we have you jumping higher than your house,

lets start with the basics.

A few safety considerations to make before you head out or do a jump….

Give yourself plenty of room, both from other riders and any obstacles. When you jump, you will

travel with the wind, so it’s particularly important to make sure there are no riders downwind of

you, and that you are well upwind of the beach

Don’t jump beyond your capability and confidence. Like when learning anything in kitesurfing, stay

patient, take your time, and enjoy the learning process. This will ensure you progress with a good

technique whilst staying safe.

Always make sure your equipment is in good order. It’s a good habit to get into to check your gear

for damages before you go out riding, especially your lines and bridle. And ALWAYS check that your

safety systems are working before you head out.


So let’s assume your now riding confidently with good upwind ability.

Firstly, make sure you have a reasonable amount of power, enough to ride upwind comfortably but not so much that you’re likely to lose control or be pulled off your edge. We want to leave the water but not into orbit while learning!

Getting airborne is the easy part, maintaining control while in the air and landing softly is the key. Then you can confidently get higher and higher knowing you’ve the skills to land it without injuring yourself.

Once you’re happy with the power of your kite



holding a good edge, and hold this until you leave the water.

Once you’re happy there’s no obstacles downwind of you, send your kite to 12. This will create a

high pressure under the kite canopy, which will give you the boost you need to jump.

Pull the bar in, and you should leave the water.

Whilst in the air, keep your kite at 12, and the bar pulled in. Leaning back away from the kite will

increase your stability.

As you start to come down, the kite will act as a parachute and steady your decent.

Just before you land, bend your front leg to give yourself a soft landing. If one of your feet comes out

of a binding whilst in the air, it’s best to kick the board off before you land to avoid the possibility of

any ankle injury.

Dive your kite, apply your edge and ride off, feeling truly rad.

Obviously you want to steadily progress your way to higher heights. The following factors are what

affect how high you jump, so as a simple rule, the less you apply them, the lower you will jump.

– the speed you are riding

– how hard you are edging

– the speed you send the kite to 12

– the amount you pull the bar in

And that’s it!

Developing your ability to jump will unlock lots of potential for tricks and fun.

So give it a go, progress steadily, and ride safe.