RE: Keeping tabs on others

Author: stevegriffith22

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 18 4:59 pm (GMT -8)

I cant speak for HR, but I know at Rufus it has been my experience that when someone is down for a abnormal amount of time or doesn’t look like they are able to get to there board fellow kiters start swarming the down kiter and one usually goes for the car. Pretty cool group of people! Watch your friends, it may save there life.

Keep on keepin on homies!

RE: Keeping tabs on others

Author: sleestack

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 18 12:13 pm (GMT -8)


Sleestack – me and my HR hommies were cuddled up by the Jetty (all 3 of us). You’re welcome to share waves with us anytime. Bur first – check your attitude at the park entrance…..[/quote]


My attitude is great. The cuddle huddle is a long-term observation and labeling of the packs from the gorge when they come ride lot B and do rides down to the wreck and or beyond. Do a search on this forum and you’ll see it. The term was created at least 10 years ago on this form. And like anything it applies to the masses, but not all.

My only critique of the huddles is to spread out a bit more and breathe.

Yes, riding up by the jetty was very nice. I opted to pass on downwinders and just point-sail from lot b up to the jetty and back repeatedly.

It was very high quality wind (stronger for lot B) and nice sized swell. Glad everyone scored.

Shhhhhhhhhhhh. . .