RE: Apple iWatch 3 with Cell for kiteboarding/foiling?

Author: shred_da_gorge

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 18 9:15 pm (GMT -8)

tgautier, there are two Garmin ConnectIQ apps for kitesurfing that will set the activity type properly; I’ve been helping out their devs with feedback. I bought a Vivoactive 3 to complement my Vivoactive for tracking sessions because it (supposedly) has better height accuracy with the pressure-based altimeter, but the Fenix 5 seems to be a much more reliable platform (comparing to my friend’s experiences). I’ve wanted to develop my own kiting app but lack time, sadly.

I’m also seeking technical contacts at Strava – they could display max jump height, hang time, and number of jumps, with the right data. One of the apps tries to track that, and you can put custom fields into a FIT file, so the problem seems fairly easy to solve (sorry Woo).