RE: Are you an Event Site Local?

Author: blancoh2o

Posted: Mon May 14, 18 10:43 am (GMT -8)

Lets all be good stewards of the launch to ensure we don’t loose the privilege to launch and land here.

[b]. If you see someone blatantly rigging, launching, landing outside the kite area, ask them if they are familiar with the rules and if they could kindly comply

. pick up after yourself and or your pet

. remind beginners that this is an advanced launch due to turbulent winds

. be mindful of where you set your gear down and try and cycle it to the South after

your session so others can get on the water without walking through a maze of

kites, lines and boards

Once the water goes down, we will be launching from the sand again, in the meantime, please help out and be a team player.

Also, I am certain that the CGKA along with the CGWA will have some cleanups in the near future. Please come out and give a hand.