RE: Are you an Event Site Local?

Author: SalmonSlayer

Posted: Tue May 22, 18 12:12 pm (GMT -8)

I went to the ES last Sunday to get a session in and was surprised at the activity at the launch. Yes, it was crowded, but it was the poor judgement and lack of skills that made this day different from any other day I have launched there. I also noticed quite a few instances where kite holders did not know how to manage a kite that was powered up because there was line tension and they were too far back in the wind window. At one point there were five or six little kids playing on the east end and a kiter trying to launch dropped his kite hard two feet from one of the kids. There was enough force to hurt the kid if it hit him. Had that kite been two more feet downwind, there would have been a difficult public/port relations issue to over come. In another instance, two kiters had their lines crossed and were working on a solution, when a third kite tomahawks a few feet from them. I was like watching a Keystone Cops movie.

Mistakes happen at all experience levels, but almost all of these mistakes happened because of a lack of knowledge of launching fundamentals.

Something simple like the following could avoid a lot of these problems

The kiter and kite holder should have a quick conversation to confirm positions and signals before positioning themselves 25m away from each other and yelling instructions that may or may not be understood.

I am not an alarmist, but it seems like an accident is waiting to happen there. I would be hard pressed to go to the ES next holiday weekend for a session. Hopefully things get better as the summer progresses.