RE: Calling all Hydrologists and Sedimentoligists

Author: shane s

Posted: Tue May 22, 18 3:46 pm (GMT -8)

I am a geomorphologist and I am not worried about the sandbar. The Hood tends to carry most of its sediment either in the later summer when the snowpack is gone and glaciers start to melt, or in big dramatic events when a piece of Coe or Elliot breaks and the river turns to a giant mudflow at will deposit lots of sediment all at once.

This year is a bit different in that the Columbia is at minor flood stages while the Hood River is having a very average spring freshet. So there could be some minor changes like the second eastern sandbar may not be at big or the northern tip pulled back a bit. But as noted the Hood is on the inside of a bend and although it seems big right now this isn’t that big of an event historically for the Columbia.

In general, the forces are in the sandbar’s favor. There is a whole mountain of loose volcanic sediment just waiting to come down the Hood and WS Rivers and the Columbia just doesn’t have the pre flood control dams power to move it out. So unless they build a dam on the Hood or White Salmon Rivers or start removing dams on the Columbia both the Hood and WS sandbars will continue to slowly grow and grow. With some minor fluctuations.