RE: Calling all Hydrologists and Sedimentoligists

Author: cgka

Posted: Tue May 22, 18 3:40 pm (GMT -8)

Thank you ldhr!

YES, it is really important to remind everyone that they do not have to be on the pigpile, just because it is a pigpile (aka The Event Site).

The Sandspit is very under utilized and can be launched and landed from during high water fairly easily (Carlos’ kite school has been teaching quite a bit even during the high water)

The Marina is also very underutilized and can have some very, very accessible launching now with high water, literally having to walk no more than 30 yards to be in the water (and deep water launching for foilers just north of the bathrooms)

ldhr wrote:
wannabekiter wrote:
Yeah maybe a locals only launch were you show your property tax statement. Twisted Evil

We have 2 locals launches – the Spit and the Marina. No documentation required. Smile

Spread the word (pun intended).

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