RE: Calling all Hydrologists and Sedimentoligists

Author: Hein

Posted: Thu May 24, 18 6:58 pm (GMT -8)

eric wrote:
The event site is sweet as long as you just wait your turn and follow the rules.

Maybe suggest that to the disrespectful buffoon that keeps parking his long

ass truck next to your suby in the school lot where there isn’t a legit parking slot.

Back on topic…

Flow at JDA was in excess of 500,000 cfps today. Highest I’ve seen since Y2K.

If you care to do the math,

That’s enough water to fill almost 6 Olympic sized swimming pools every second.

(good one for the kiddies, Eric. -with extra credit for calculating watts of power.)

What is an amazing reality to me is that all that water goes right over our heads in

the atmospheric river that flows during the winter months. -And folks believe we

can somehow control the climate. Only thing being controlled is the people.

If the wunderbar disappears then that’s further confirmation that Mother nature

doesn’t give a hoot about us measly humans. And that pdxmonkeyboy’s prediction

has finally been made right. -but not in the way he imagined.

Thank you for allowing me to share my observations, knowledge and opinion.

All the best,