RE: Calling all Hydrologists and Sedimentoligists

Author: Ryan

Posted: Tue May 22, 18 8:02 am (GMT -8)

I wouldn’t have to much concern about the various sand bars being removed by the the high water. The bar on the HR side is on the inside of the curve in the river and velocities are very low. More sediment is likely to be deposed from the Hood River than removed by the Columbia. The WS bar may migrate a bit as it is a bit more exposed to river velocity but I doubt the velocities are sufficient to mobilize significant portions of the bar. As with the HR bar the WS bar is likely to see significant sedimentation as the watershed continues to stabilize post dam removal.

Once the snow melts and the river returns to summer levels I suspect not much will have changed.

Very Happy Disclaimer – Im not a hydrologist