RE: Hood River New Parking Fees

Author: Matt V

Posted: Tue May 22, 18 10:09 am (GMT -8)

I started this dumpster fire, so I guess I gotta pee on it.

As this plan is implemented, it will inevitably push more users onto the adjacent areas that do not have a fee.

And so here is the genius part. The previous regular users, at those adjacent "non- fee" areas, will be so ticked off at the increase of users that they will actually call for a fee to be instituted at those locations not specified in this plan.

It is a good way for the Port to claim they are just doing what the users requested and get more revenue.

Create a problem AND get credit for solving it – genius!

oops… that may not have been pee. It actually kind of looks like some used motor oil and a propane tank I am pretty sure was empty.

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