RE: Hood River New Parking Fees

Author: ldhr

Posted: Tue May 22, 18 11:24 am (GMT -8)

Spit and Marina are under-utilized public access paid for by tax dollars and port fees.

They’re not secret and can easily absorb more kiters without cracking a sweat.

If you are too cheap to pay for public access – go somewhere else.

I think the $75 season pass for the Event Site is cheap for the value I receive.

Once upon a time we had a whole crew that were too cheap to pay for Hatchery and Swell City parking – so we negotiated access to a private beach that became public (Cheap Beach).

I kite from the Event Site ~ 100 days a year and use the beach on non-windy days for SUP and dog launch. It averages out to .75 cents per day. Pffffft!