RE: How can I jump higher without getting hurt.

Author: voy-tech

Posted: Tue May 15, 18 10:40 am (GMT -8)

Sasquatch wrote:
voy-tech wrote:
head to the coast the wind in the shore break seems to get a little of an uplift (probably warmer air over the sand is causing an uplift)

This doesn’t sound right. Isn’t the wind the we all are kiting with when kiting in waters of Oregon and Washington usually side to side-on wind? Thus coming off the cool waters of the Pacific.

in my mind it makes perfect sense – the wind at Manzanita (at least on the few days I kite there) is more on shore (side-on) than side (cold ocean, warm land creating a natural breeze). Sand does warm up from the sun very quickly and that should cause some local up draft just above the beach. I definitely felt the secondary lift multiple times boosting in the break vs boosting anywhere else (including further out in the ocean or anywhere on Columbia).

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