RE: How can I jump higher without getting hurt.

Author: voy-tech

Posted: Wed May 16, 18 8:50 am (GMT -8)

In my experience you don’t need to keep the kite super low / near surface when loading, 45 deg is enough – the key though is a very quick movement of the kite through the window and across zenith to generate maximum lift from the kite.

When I look at my friend who gets those huge 40ft jumps i see that he pops just as the kite is getting that maximum lift – which allows him to use all of the kite’s energy for the uplift move.

In comparison when i analyze my jumps – my pop is just a tad too slow and some of the energy that the kite has in that maximum lift is wasted on getting me out of the water surface which then translates to less energy available to pull me higher.

After all it’s all about how the available energy gets utilized.

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