RE: How can I jump higher without getting hurt.

Author: voy-tech

Posted: Tue May 15, 18 7:03 am (GMT -8)

For breaking that barrier i’d say a twin tip and a slightly too big of a kite. Plus work on the load and pop – timing is key here. I myself unfortunately seem to have plateaued at around 26ft but i also know that my timing is a little off (i don’t pop aggressively enough and have too much delay between the pop and sending the kite). My friend riding the same gear (RPMs + TT) and weighting pretty much the same as I gets 40ft+ on most of his jumps.

Also another piece of advice for bigger boosts: head to the coast the wind in the shore break seems to get a little of an uplift (probably warmer air over the sand is causing an uplift) – some of my bigger loftier jumps were at Manzanita. Plus you can use the wave as a kicker.

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