RE: OT: Onewheel

Author: jerp

Posted: Thu May 24, 18 7:47 am (GMT -8)

Speedo wrote:
thanks for the input jerp. I honestly hadnt seriously considered a powered skateboard. Which would you get if you could only pick one? I do enjoy riding around on a regular skateboard. But I can’t do any tricks and quite happy to simply ride (i dont want to hurt myself doing something I dont care that much about) after my 5 year old on his bike.

Honestly both are so different and bring different aspects of fun. which one to get? That is a tough call and entirely depends on you. To be clear I do not own a onewheel, my buddy has a spare (for his kid) so I have used it a bunch even borrowing it for entire weeks.

I like the onboard as it’s a sleeper because of the motors being in the wheels, it has a interchangeable battery so when I bring a spare battery i can get 12 miles range. Its fast and super fun to carve around both going downhill and uphill. I have taken it on the HR top mosier road and it was so much fun even with the pine cones everywhere. It is a skateboard thou so you really need decent tarmac to ride it. The new torque settings that you can download give the board so much more grunt going uphill which used to my biggest beef.

The onewheel is not as fast but you can ride that sucker on almost anything. I feel like there is more skill involved to ride the onewheel which for me is a huge plus.

If I had to choose I would guess I would get a onewheel because of the skill level needed, the versatility and that surfy feeling you get when ridding it. That’s not to take anything from the skateboard which I love in its own right.

I live in the Tigard area. You are more than welcome to try out the skateboard !! drop me a PM.