RE: OT: Onewheel

Author: Matt V

Posted: Thu May 24, 18 10:52 am (GMT -8)

I was kind of forced into trying the One Wheel by the guy who has been kiting the longest here at my local in Nebraska. I had no real interest in them, but this guy ponied up and sprung for some. He bought the "Trotter" knockoff first, and then 2 One Wheel’s – with the 3rd one on order as it is the latest version on pre-order.

So he made me borrow the "Trotter" and I did have fun learning it.

Pro’s of the this type of ride:

1. Ankle strength goes through the roof. I do not know of any other way to get this kind of ankle workout with anything else.

2. Slow speed and switch stance riding is really challenging. I think these two things really translate to almost all upright kiting disciplines.

3. Fun to ride and progress, just like kiting, though the power just does not really hit the level of kiting.


1. Definitely progressively dangerous. Not as high a price to pay as in kiting, but still pretty scary what you can do to yourself. I started out just over working some old ankle injuries and had to take a few days of rest. To avoid this, don’t try to learn to ride the thing in one day and take lots of breaks. And I mean progressive because as you get better, you also start to push it and take more risks.

2. Frickin heavy! I would never want to take the "Trotter" for a walk if I ran out of battery on a long ride. I actually would prefer to carry kite gear (board and a rolled up kite up the beach).

3. I don’t like being reliant on a battery. If the battery is done, so is your ride. You cannot ride the thing without power.

And as far as the "Trotter" – it is harder to learn than the One Wheel. Definitely spring for the One Wheel over the Trotter.

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