RE: Jones beach

Author: Ho-Toe

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 18 2:14 pm (GMT -8)

MDaleyPete wrote:
A flooding tide would (slightly) counteract the river’s current.

Depending upon a number of factors, a flood tide will often REVERSE the apparent direction of a river’s flow. Salmon fishermen use this fact all of the time to "point sail" non-motorized or weakly-motorized craft. Ride upriver on the incoming tide, then back down on the ebb.

Dunno if this happens up at Jones, but it certainly does further downstream…

In fact one of the buoys I maintain went adrift a few winters ago, eventually drifting into the mouth of the Columbia during a flood tide and doing a few laps around Young’s Bay, before shooting back out thru the jetties on the following ebb. It finally washed ashore in Westport, but that’s a different story. Very Happy

Slingshot foil package

Author: navi

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 18 3:36 pm (GMT -8)

Selling gear bought last September, used a few times, practically new. It turns out that I don’t have time for yet another sport.

Alien air board, 4’8"

Hover glide NF2

15,24,30 and 35 inch masts

NP hook

Protective travel bag

All for 1100.

Will sell locally – Hood River/ PDX; cash.

Txt 54one 49zero 80four four

RE: Jones beach

Author: watercamper

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 18 4:02 pm (GMT -8)

I attached a screenshot of the prices at the RV Outdoor Adventures park outside of Clatskanie. $25 for a parking place if you are self contained. I am. Awful steep. FWIW, I think I would try Gnat Creek campground or stealth camp in Clatskanie first.

RE: Jones beach

Author: MDaleyPete

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 18 11:44 am (GMT -8)

Hey dudes, relatively newbie to the Jones Beach scene – Saturday was my first day out there. I kited till exhaustion and loved every second of it. Great wind, awesome beach, friendly folks, not crowded, sick scenery, the list goes on.

But one thing I want to make sure I’m understanding correctly is the tides. When you’re saying the outbound tides rips, that would correspond to a dropping tide, right? The period from high tide to low tide?

What else should I know about reading the tides tables?

Thanks a bunch,

see ya out there!